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Just to clarify, Matt is not talking about the NSRCA banner used at the past shows.  He plans to continue using that same banner at this years Toledo show.  Matt is considering designing an additional ne w message board that promotes the NSRCA and pattern.  Below Matt has listed a few reasons to join the NSRCA and try pattern .  Matt is solic iting comments on this list  and help with producing the message board professionally. 


Ron Hansen 

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Check with Anthony, he may have the banner for Toledo. 
We used one last weekend at the WRAM's show, which can be sent to you. There was also one in CA last month, I believe. 
You really don't need to make a new banner. Dave J. made one a few years ago when there was some confusion on getting one from the WRAM's show. I believe it stayed in Toledo. 

Jim Quinn 

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Hello All !! 

I have been thinking with the booth at Toledo, I would like to have a banner posted as well with some of the many benefits of being an NSRCA member. I would like to know your thoughts on this asap, so I can move forward. I would also be curious if there is any one out there that has the ability to make this banner professionally, or semi professionally. I would appreciate your response asap so that I can move forward with having one made if there is no one in our group that has a contact. 

Below are the points I would like to put on it. 

Why Join the NSRCA ? 

-            Learn to use your transmitter to its full potential 

-           Understand proper aircraft set-ups 

-           Build friendships that will last a lifetime 

-           Learn how to perform aerobatic maneuvers correctly, and how to present them 

-           Learn to fly with a purpose 

-           Motivate you to fly on a more consistent basis 

-           Receive a monthly K-factor Magazine 

-           Great father & son/daughter activity 

-           You don’t have to be an accomplished pilot to join in on the fun 

-           You do not have to have the best equipment to be competitive 

-           You are never too young or old to give it a try 

Matthew E. Finley 

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