[NSRCA-discussion] No telemetry rule & new radio systems

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That reasoning is logical.... :-)

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Subject: [NSRCA-discussion] No telemetry rule & new radio systems
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Peter, logically your idea makes sense..... but then again logic and common sense seem to elude committees sometimes.  


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Subject: [NSRCA-discussion] No telemetry rule & new radio systems

I was just reading RCM&E (one of my favorite magazines) and noticed that the 
latest systems from Graupner and Hitec have telemetry built-in to all RX's, I 
suspect the others aren't far behind.  With the current rule against any form of 
downlink from the aircraft, it seems the newer systems will be out of reach to 
those competing in pattern aerobatics.  I'm just in sportsman, any thought to 
relaxing the rule to restricting telemetry that might actually be an advantage 
in competition as opposed to things that can save an airframe like battery 
voltage data?


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