[NSRCA-dist8] 2021 Proposed Contests

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Hello Sean,

I think, EDF contest is good for NSRCA promotion as many folks consider EDF being “cool”.
I also think, flying budget models such as FMS Olympus, EF Vanquish and AJ Acuity is good for NSRCA promotion as many folks may be concerned about cost of higher end F3A pattern ships.

Hi John, 

on the other note, every time I travel to a contest, I spend about an hour researching how to travel to the field as a year from last time is long enough time to forget the direction details.
Here is my list of GPS/maps details reasonably close the appropriate fields.
Hope it helps if this kind of info goes along with the D8 events calendar:

Medford Pattern Opener:
888 E Antelope Rd, Eagle Point, OR

Richland Pattern Classic:
Beardsley Rd, West Richland, WA

Beck’s Pattern Classic:
32032 S Kropf Rd, Canby, OR

Molalla Pattern Contest:
32899 S Molalla Forest Rd, Molalla, OR

Boise Pattern Classic:

Redmond D8 Championship:
1859 NW Maple Ave, Redmond, OR

Best regards,

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> On Jan 23, 2021, at 5:54 PM, Sean Mersh via NSRCA-dist8 <nsrca-dist8 at lists.nsrca.org> wrote:
> Thanks John, and thanks again for taking on the DVP job!
> What do you and our pilots think about pattern EDF? Should we add it to our contests? 
> Does Peter have EDF scoring software?
> Trophies for EDF?
> What's the priority: six flights in Pattern? OR at least four in Pattern and two in EDF?
> I do not have any strong opinions on the subject, but would like to hear how others feel about it.
> As a reminder: most of our FAA registrations expired last year, so please remember to renew them:
> https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/
> Stay safe and healthy,
> Sean
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> Hi Everyone. As you know I have taken the D8 torch  from Art. I really
> appreciate his hard
> work being our "district dude". I hope I can fill his shoes as we move
> forward. 
> Thank you Art!
> I would like to share the proposed district pattern schedule. I have concerns
> over
> the Judging seminar as this is the second year of the same pattern and we all
> should have taken the test and become certified by this time.  If you have not
> taken 
> the test, please do that, it is free for our NSRCA membership, and it is open
> book with 
> lots of good review examples given.
> I would propose that at each of our contests we have a short  review session 
> before the contest 
> concerning judging, concentrating on one or two critical judging requirements.
> I would 
> suggest that the topic of the first session include Radius issues and points
> for wings not level.. 
> Just a thought. Everyone should have input and that input is very important, I
> don't want to be the dictator 
> I wish to be the facilitator, I just want to make pattern better and help
> EVERYONE fly better! 
> Please find the attached schedule
> Thanks
> John
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