[NSRCA-dist8] 2021 Proposed Contests

John Bentley j.bentley at usa.net
Fri Jan 22 20:58:36 AKST 2021

Hi Everyone. As you know I have taken the D8 torch  from Art. I really
appreciate his hard
work being our "district dude". I hope I can fill his shoes as we move
Thank you Art!
I would like to share the proposed district pattern schedule. I have concerns
the Judging seminar as this is the second year of the same pattern and we all

should have taken the test and become certified by this time.  If you have not
the test, please do that, it is free for our NSRCA membership, and it is open
book with 
lots of good review examples given.
I would propose that at each of our contests we have a short  review session 
before the contest 
concerning judging, concentrating on one or two critical judging requirements.
I would 
suggest that the topic of the first session include Radius issues and points
for wings not level.. 
Just a thought. Everyone should have input and that input is very important, I
don't want to be the dictator 
I wish to be the facilitator, I just want to make pattern better and help
EVERYONE fly better! 
Please find the attached schedule

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