[NSRCA-discussion] Repairing a composite wing

Michael Cohen precisionaero at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 20 06:36:23 AKST 2022

Hello NSRCA list! I have a question about repairing a composite wing on a P-51D, so while not a pattern question, you are the only community I belong too AND we do have planes with composite wings out there…  Anyway,  I have some damage incurred to the upper wing skin on a one wheel up landing that drifted towards high grass.  A small section of the leading edge did have a crack in the skin with an indented crease running chord-wise back from the crack.  I was going to lay some fiberglass over there damaged region, but wanted to bounce off some experts here the best way to proceed.  Please email me privately at precisionaero at hotmail.com<mailto:precisionaero at hotmail.com> and I can pick your brain without bothering the rest of the list.

Mike Cohen

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