[NSRCA-discussion] 2020/21 proposed sequences

Stuart Chale schale1 at outlook.com
Wed Apr 3 08:05:45 AKDT 2019

If you have not opened the latest K-Factor yet, the 2020/21 proposed 
sequences are included.  They can also be downloaded in single page 
Aresti/maneuver list format from the NSRCA website from Sequences > 
Proposed sequences > Proposed Sequences Menu.

(Thank you Derek for getting them posted)

Please take a look, fly them etc.  The sequence committee put a lot of 
work into them to make sure that they flow well, are of the appropriate 
level of difficulty and hopefully fun to fly.  This will be the first 
set of sequences using the new K factor system.

Please provide any feedback to your district VP.  Please be specific so 
any comments can be better collated for possible changes if needed.

Since adding new maneuvers not in the current NSRCA maneuver catalog was 
an issue with the last set of sequences only one new maneuver was 
requested and approved during this cycle.  This is the Top hat from the 
top with cross box options turnaround in the Masters sequence.  All of 
the other maneuvers in all sequences were taken from the current catalog.

We hope you enjoy flying them,

Stuart Chale

Sequence committee chair

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