[NSRCA-discussion] **** Critical LVRCS UPDATE ****

Anthony Romano anthonyr105 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 13 12:42:27 AKDT 2016

Attention Pilots

The LVRCS IS STILL SCHEDULED for July 30 & 31, 2016.

Apparently there was some confusion over the parameters of the event but I have spoken to the CD and Club President and they are committed to running a six round two day contest for 401 through 406 per the rule book as listed in the club sanction. Some competitors had expressed interest in Classic Pattern but that will only take place if time allows and the primary focus will be on the current classes. The club has trained a number of judges as alternates but contestants will be the main source of judges for the event.

Very sorry for the confusion. Please join us to continue to strengthen this event and don't forget to pre-register.


LVRCS Pattern Meet<http://nsrca.us/index.php/list-events/eventdetail/480/576/lvrcs-pattern-meet>
The NSRCA is a Special Interest Group for precision aerobatics in the USA.

See you there,

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