[NSRCA-discussion] Osiris 47 inch wings needed

Bill Harden flyinbill1 at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 4 14:51:48 AKST 2014

I personally would like a smaller 47 - 50 inch plane because I don’t fly competitive any longer, but I do like to fly pattern flights for the fun of it.  A small plane that I can throw in the car with the wings installed and head to the field.  


I think you already have the right mix in mind; 47-50 inch, 62 inch and 2 meter planer.  Probably too many planes for you to come to market at once, so the demand will most likely be for 2 meter first, followed by 62 inch and 47-50 inch versions for practice planes.


This is an exciting discussion.  What do you think Andrew??






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I have an idea of what I'd like to design as far as plane but what do you guys think of size for it?



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