[NSRCA-discussion] Virtual Caller for iOS

Peter Vogel vogel.peter at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 12:56:11 AKST 2014

Given that every sequence is changing for next year, it seems a good time
to introduce people to the virtual caller application I listed on the Apple
App Store yesterday:

Video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOEfi3VqnCQ
Get it on the Apple App Store: https://t.co/aIBFvQBsuI

Available now for a limited time at $1.99, price will increase soon to
$2.99 This will work with every iOS device out there -- iPod touch, iPhone,
iPad Mini, etc. (though I wouldn't want to put an iPad on the bottom of my
transmitter to use the tilt control!) but the screen format is optimized
for iPhone/iPod touch.  You will need to be on the network the first time
you run so it can download the sequences from the cloud.

*All profits go to F3A Team USA* -- if you are Canadian and buy it, shoot
me a note and I'll apply profits from your purchase to *F3A Team Canada*!
If you prefer the donation to go to F3P Team USA, shoot me a note and I'll
apply the profits to *F3P* :-)

I*'ll add $1.00 per review of the app that hits the app store this week to
my donation!*  Be sure to mention in the review if you fly/support F3A or
F3P (or both).

This is the product of 100's of hours of development, not so much because
the app is complex or hard (it wasn't) but getting a method of controlling
the caller that works in field conditions took a lot of trial & error.

Your feedback is welcome!


Director, Fixed Wing Flight Training
Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark
Associate Vice President, Academy of Model Aeronautics District X
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