[NSRCA-discussion] No telemetry rule & new radio systems

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Tue Nov 22 06:02:23 AKST 2011

Thanks, Bob.

Arch, The Hitec Aurora RX module has the capability of splitting 
receiver power and servo power inputs. You can run raw lipo output up to 
35 volts to power the receiver and that voltage will be used to trigger 
the low voltage warning. Servo power would  then be a separate regulated 
input from the same battery. Just don't reverse the inputs. :)
This means that it is possible on anything up to an 8S system to power 
the receiver with raw motor battery and actually trigger a low voltage 
warning in the TX  at a motor battery voltage of your choosing higher 
than the ESC cutoff. Of course the same could be done instead for the 2S 
pack driving the radio system on a 10S. If you get the additional 
telemetry module you might be able to do both.


On 11/22/2011 7:04 AM, Archie Stafford wrote:
> Keep in mind on most of the telemetry I have read about and seen the 
> battery warning given is the measured voltage coming into the 
> receiver.  Running a regulated system this will not give a true 
> battery status.
> I do agree with John though, that listing what is acceptable is 
> probably much easier than what is not.
> Arch
> *On Tue 11/22/11 8:37 AM , Bob Richards bob at toprudder.com sent:
> *
>     These are the best thoughts on this subject that I have read.
>     --- On *Tue, 11/22/11, John Gayer //*wrote:
>         I think you would be better off listing the information that a
>         pilot and his caller can receive through telemetry during an
>         official flight. This information could be audible alarms for
>         exceeding limits of the three parameters you listed. This is
>         effectively the same as the low battery alarm currently in
>         your transmitter. This one just happens to have an RF link
>         added between the sensor and the alarm.
>         We should not be concerned about what telemetry is being
>         downloaded and recorded but only what telemetry data the
>         pilot/caller is receiving in realtime during an official
>         competition flight.  It doesn't make a lot of sense to enact
>         rules that cannot easily be enforced. It should  be
>         permissible for the pilot to set up a download of any info he
>         wants but would only be allowed to examine the telemetry data
>         postflight as an instructional aid. That data would have no
>         standing in the competition and could not be used for any kind
>         of protest.
>         Of course there should be a ban on any closed loop control
>         systems that use the attitude, velocities or accelerations of
>         the model as feedback, either directly in the model or through
>         the transmitter. This should not preclude the use of closed
>         loop systems such as those that control surface position,
>         system voltage or motor/engine rpm which do not use aircraft
>         parameters as feedback.
>         John
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