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Karl Watts Karl.Watts at saintalphonsus.org
Tue Dec 20 09:12:39 AKST 2022

Hello all,

So, can we cobble together a pattern competition schedule for next year without a District VP?  I am willing to organize.  Who are the potential CDs out there.  Send me dates, I can start to put together a calendar.  I sure would hate to see us give up on any events for next year.  Gotta fly!!!  Or else I will have to join D7.


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Hi John,
below is my proposed email for soliciting a new VP. Please check/correct the listing of previous VPs at the end of the email. I'm fine with any changes you would like to make to the email.

Thank you, John, for your hard work and dedication, not only as the NSRCA D8 VP, but also as the keeper of the scoring system and for improving it with upgrades that dramatically increased its reliability! Thank you very much!!!

One of John's emails a few weeks ago let all NSRCA D8 members know that he is looking for a new VP. At that time, he believed that Igor was interested, but Igor has since changed his mind and has withdrawn his candidacy.
John wants to make sure that we all know that handling, transporting and manning the electronic scoring system is not automatically a responsibility of the VP.
The main duties of the VP are:
Good communication with D8 members.
Representation of the district within NSRCA by attending a monthly zoom type meeting and submitting periodic articles for publication in the K-Factor.
Coordinating the D8 contest schedule.
So, if you are up for a challenge and don't want pattern aerobatics to disappear in our district, go for it, and submit your candidacy to John!
Many of our pilots already have served as the D8 VP: in addition to John, I can think of Pat, Karl, Art, and Rex. Thank you to all of them for their hard work and dedication to our hobby!! FYI, I served as the D7 VP before moving to Oregon.
Wishing you all the best for the new season, Sean

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