[NSRCA-dist3] D3 Championship

James Hannah cplhannah at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 14:09:20 AKDT 2017

Due to some scheduling issues and alternative commitments it looks like the D3 championship date will most likely need to be changed. The current date which is set for the 2nd and 3rd of December are running into the issue of not having a CD for the event due to our VP not being in the country due to pre-planned obligations. If we can get someone to fill this role the dates can remain the same. 

We have also come up with some other options which allows him to be the CD of the event but would like a general census from the district to ensure the highest level of attendance. Below are the following dates that would possibly work as an alternative.  

1st- Keep the original date (CD required) 
2nd- Move it up to November 11th and 12th
3rd-  Move back to December 16th and 17th
The November date keeps a two week separation from the Crestview contest and a 2 week separation from Thanksgiving. 

The December date is only a week out from the expected Christmas travels.  

Please provide any input as soon as possible as the time frame is rapidly closing to get his contest all setup.

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