[NSRCA-discussion] Toledo show and ETOC

Matthew Finley rcfin02 at msn.com
Sun Apr 7 06:08:34 AKDT 2019

There are a bunch of videos on my Facebook page. I did several live streams of complete flights.

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Any videos tonight would be awesome to watch if anyone has some links to share.  I saw a couple of videos of Devin's flights, Ben Batts but any information or videos to share would be great.  Wife was screaming from the other room from a text she got, but aside from that been searching the web for some detailed info.


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Rusty Dose livestreamed a little bit on Facebook.

Challenging space…..to my eye about 90’ left to right, 75’ front to back, and 32’ ceiling height.

First round of known pattern is done, and freestyle 1st round happening now.



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This sounds like an exciting event.  I came home last night and discovered the ETOC planes are on their way to Toledo.  Good luck to all the pilots!

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