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One of the recipients pointed out that these are probably all April Fools
jokes.   But you may have already figured that out.    


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492-c3afee4dab95> &id=7d441588-8ef8-4e85-a492-c3afee4dab95  ADS-B out
mandated.    Not mandated for "drones" YET.   But look out for wheel boots
at the flying field.


9eb-32f69526096d> &id=e467f99f-f30e-4312-99eb-32f69526096d   Drone Threat
Levels.    FYI.   This is sure to come up when interacting with the FAA at
some point in the future.


871-c50efdd5cae4> &id=8d7fa0cb-ad69-4cb7-8871-c50efdd5cae4    Drone Skeet.
I shoot skeet.   Looks like I will be able to combine both hobbies.


50e-c254fb7de0c2> &id=9965ad36-2712-4299-b50e-c254fb7de0c2    Electric
airplanes and FERC.    This is government gone wild.    Imaging having all
your model electric stuff having to be certified by govt.


59c-af7c1c2fb211> &id=58e64b5f-415f-499f-b59c-af7c1c2fb211    Medical for
model flying.   Clear and present danger to us all.    This is so much BS it
proves that 1984 is here NOW.    AMA has drawn a line in the sand as we all
had better do.



Have a great week.


John Fuqua

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