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I'd be interested, Mike. 

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Attention D-4, and D-5 guys 

We have a very unusual situation here in Western Michigan. A CLUB THAT WANTS TO HOST A PATTERN CONTEST THIS YEAR!!! Realizing that the proposed date is the end of June, which is a rather busy time in this area, I would like some feedback, suggestions, and comments. Is there enough interest to proceed? 

The specifics are: 

Date: June 21 – 22 

Location: Walter RC Park in Saranac Michigan. This is on I-96 Exit #59. It is approximately 20 miles East of Grand Rapids, 2 ½ hours from both Detroit and Chicago and 4 hours from Muncie. The park has a 600 X 100 foot very good grass runway, plenty of room for two flight lines, pop ups and parking at the flight line. There is a “club house” storage barn at the flight line with electricity, a fridge, gas grill and a PA System. 

There are lots of cheep hotels and restaurants in Grand Rapids 20 miles to the West of the field. 

The club holds an IMAC Contest every summer, and it has been very successful, we could expect full cooperation from the members. They are very enthusiastic about moving forward with this. I would be the CD, with a little help from my friends. 

So, D-4, D-5 Guys, let me know what you think, should we do it? 

Mike Murphy 
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