[NSRCA-discussion] Virtual Caller for iOS

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It has all the F3A and CPA sequences. If someone sends me a pointer to the F3P sequences I can add them for everyone, but you can add sequences for yourself as well (or edit existing sequences to call the way you like) from the app. 

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Team Canada greatly appreciates :)

Great idea, does this include all the sequence?  Will it be available on android? 

I will forward the link on to our f3p Canada Facebook group. 

Paul Hepworth,  Canadian f3p team 

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On behalf of the USA 2015 F3P Team – THANKS!!!!


We will get this posted in some threads the F3P team is involved with.


Feedback – when will it be available for my Note 3 (using Android) J



Dave Lockhart, 2015 F3P Team




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Given that every sequence is changing for next year, it seems a good time to introduce people to the virtual caller application I listed on the Apple App Store yesterday:


Video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOEfi3VqnCQ

Get it on the Apple App Store: https://t.co/aIBFvQBsuI


Available now for a limited time at $1.99, price will increase soon to $2.99 This will work with every iOS device out there -- iPod touch,
 iPhone, iPad Mini, etc. (though I wouldn't want to put an iPad on the bottom of my transmitter to use the tilt control!) but the screen format is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch.  You will need to be on the network the first time you run so it can download the sequences from the cloud.


All profits go to F3A Team USA -- if you are Canadian and buy it, shoot me a note and I'll apply profits from your purchase to F3A Team Canada!  If you prefer the donation to go to F3P Team USA, shoot me a note and I'll apply the profits to F3P :-)


I'll add $1.00 per review of the app that hits the app store this week to my donation!  Be sure to mention in the review if you fly/support F3A or F3P (or both).


This is the product of 100's of hours of development, not so much because the app is complex or hard (it wasn't) but getting a method of controlling the caller that works in field conditions took a lot of trial & error.  


Your feedback is welcome!





Director, Fixed Wing Flight Training

Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark

Associate Vice President, Academy of Model Aeronautics District X
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