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Thanks for sending this to us. I knew Sam back in the old Rossi days when I 
 was flying pattern. Sam was one of the nicest people you would ever meet. 
He  would do anything to help you and would literally give you the shirt off 
his  back. Sam was always inventing some new gadget for us to use and was a 
 huge pattern supporter.
It saddens me to hear the loss of a great friend.
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Many of  you knew Sam and I'm passing this on to you.  

Ron Van Putte


It is with great sorrow I report to you a dear and old friend  since I was 
15 years old has passed away. It is my understanding that  Sam passed away 
in Tennessee with his older half brother at his side  September 8th 2011 at a 
local hospice at age 62. I have been trying to  track Sam down for the last 
year and stumbled upon his younger brothers  web site. Ronnie gave me his 
phone number and I tried a few times  leaving messages for Sam and he never 
returned the calls, he was very  sick. Ronnie mentioned that Sam had had a 
VERY rough time the last three  years. It seems he got married then divorced, 
his house went into  foreclosure and had complete kidney failure. I surmise 
knowing Sam (Rai  as the ones very close to him and I knew him) his health 
was the issue  that caused this series of unfortunate events. It is also my  
understanding he was awaiting a kidney transplant and did not make it in  
time. Ronnie also mentioned his remains were cremated.
When I was about 15 years old I had been involved in r/c for  about 2 years 
and was having a tough time with success in the hobby with  no locale 
guidance. Sam and his family moved in across the street from  me in Pembroke 
Pines Florida from Pensacola Florida when I was about 15  years old (1968). Sam 
was going to FSU and was about 19 years old. He of  course was flying R/C 
also with some success using tube radio systems.  Obviously we hit it off as 
friends rite away. His dad (Herschel) was the  new Chief Controller at North 
Perry Airport in the heyday of student  flight training which I was also 
doing. My dad was also a pilot so we  all had a lot in common.
In my heart I feel that Sam deserved an ending so much better  than this. 
He has gone through many years of personal suffering that  many of his 
friends in the R/C world never knew. I have always thought  of him almost every 
day of my life and what kind of good kind person he  was and the deep 
friendship bond we had when we were youngsters in a cow  pasture flying models.
Mark Anton
(386) 205-6027
Lake City,  Florida


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