[NSRCA-discussion] YS160 no burr and two others for sale

Michael Cohen precisionaero at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 4 15:07:07 AKDT 2011

I got rid of whatever was there and the engine is almost reassembled.  I have two screws where the allen key head has worn enough they won't tighten well.  One is a head screw, the other is the middle screw that goes from the carb body into the crankcase (the shortest one of the 6).  If anyone should happen to have spare screws, please e-mail me privately.  Also, should anyone need a 140DZ or 160DZ (not this one I am rebuilding), please drop me a line.  I bought an electric, am converting another plane to electric, and leaving a third YS powered, so I don't need as many YS engines any more.
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